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Operations Management 1 – Resource & Workflow Layout


This subject aims to provide an in-depth knowledge of things which are critical for the operations of any business. Operations management is concerned with effectively and efficiently designing, managing and optimising processes, which are prevalent in both service and production organisations in various sectors such as banking, health care, education, retail, food and beverages, mining and manufacturing.

Topics covered includes: 

  1. Introduction to Operational Management Fundamentals 
  2. System View of Operations – Designing Layouts
  3. Capacity Management 
  4. Work Flow Organisation – Continuous in Full on Time (IFOT) & Batch
  5. Planning and scheduling
  6. Resource Planning-HR Allocation and Engagement
  7. Health Safety and Environment (HS&E) – Sustainable Operations and Quality Management
  8. Project Management – General Methods & Tools for Internal- External Interface 

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this subject, students will have achieved the following:

  1. Understand the Operations fundamental which includes Efficiency vs. Effectiveness, Operational strategies, System View of Operations 
  2. Examine and understand the key operations of process design and capacity management.
  3. Design and analyse principles of workflow organisation
  4. To design a short-term operational plan to meet demand
  5. Strategically plan and understand resource planning
  6. Holistically understand the project management
  7. Critically analyse information from a wide range of sources to create sustainable solutions innovatively to improve current operational practices

What You Get:

  1. Hours of interactive videos.
  2. Applied industry knowledge.
  3. 1-year full access to the course.
  4. Access on your phone or desktop computer.
  5. Certificate of completion at the end of the course.
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