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Enterprise Risk


This subject has been designed to introduce external and internal drivers that can result in a range of operational, financial and strategic risks manifesting in organisations. The subject examines the role of corporate governance and compliance, introducing relevant standards, and suggests methods of developing and implementing appropriate risk-management strategies. In this subject, students will not only learn compliance but also learn how to develop useful risk-management skills, including some of the effective tools available for identifying, assessing and quantifying risk.

Learning Objectives:

Upon completing this subject, students will have achieved the following:

  1. Understand the basic concepts of the key risks involved in the areas of finance, operations, IT, innovation and development;
  2. Demonstrate the use of the valid and effective tools for identifying, assessing and quantifying risk;
  3. Analyse and develop effective business cases for intangible issues such as potential risk and future rewards, to a level suitable for executive management decision making;
  4. Apply theoretical and practical knowledge of risk management not only on a particular organisation but also on family and society; and 
  5. Critically evaluate information from a wide range of sources to demonstrate research skills, show initiative in consulting the academic literature and demonstrate the capacity to document the outcomes with sound analysis and recommendations.

What You Get:

  1. Hours of interactive videos.
  2. Applied industry knowledge.
  3. 1-year full access to the course.
  4. Access on your phone or desktop computer.
  5. Certificate of completion at the end of the course.
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